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In collaboration with the Chinese Language Department the Activities Office is offering an exciting array of ASA activities this term. These ASA activities will explore Chinese language and culture with engaging activities that students can enjoy. 

The programs are designed to be fun, and engaging, they will allow students to develop and apply Chinese language skills in a safe and authentic situation. The programs will be offered by HKIS teachers and will help students connect with aspects of Chinese language and culture

All programs will be open to students in various grade levels. The programs will cater to students ranging from basic to more advanced language skills. The goal is for all students to participate in a fun, creative, and collaborative learning environment, where everybody can contribute to the final product. 

The Mini Storytelling Club - Friday (3:00pm - 4:00pm) G1 - G2

The Mini Storytelling Club immerses students into the enthralling realm of storytelling, enhancing their imagination and communication skills. In this program, students will explore diverse Chinese literature forms and culture via read-aloud sessions, oral narration, and independent/share reading. This program is open to both native and second language learners with differentiation.

For non-native students the goal of this program is to enrich the students’ reading and speaking skills as well as an understanding of Chinese culture and increase their interest in Chinese learning. It aims to create a Mandarin-speaking environment where they can use the language more often and comfortably. 

For native/near-native students, we aim to improve students' language articulation and encourage them to craft unique narratives, thereby stimulating their imagination and creative writing skills. The club fosters an atmosphere of respectful listening and empathy, promoting understanding of varied perspectives.

This inclusive program invites lower primary students of all linguistic abilities to participate and share their unique stories. The program culminates in a celebratory event where students share their stories with friends and family, embracing their growth as emerging storytellers.

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