Absence Notification Form

Non Attendance Notification

As a general rule those students who are registered for a 3:00 pm ASA will not be permitted to ride the 3:00 pm bus without prior approval. If your child is at school but not attending their regular 3:00 pm ASA, please complete the non-attendance notification form 24 hours in advance OR by 10:00 am on the day of your child's ASA

ASA Absence Notification Form

Please note:
* There is no need to make a bus change or inform the Bus company, the centralized system will note the absence and the child will appear on their regular 3:00 pm bus list.

**Parents can send a follow-up email to the classroom teacher/Teacher Assistant if they feel their child may be worried about a change in their routine.

Emergency Change

In the case of an emergency, if the decision to not attend a 3 pm ASA is made on the day of the activity taking place, parents can still submit the form before 10:00 am and send a follow-up email to the classroom Teacher, Teacher Assistant, and the Activities Office and wait for a confirmation that the request has been received.

Please Note:

*Last-minute changes are very disruptive to the routines of students and add risks to safety at dismissal time. Students will require a “Permission to ride 3:00 pm bus" slip to be issued by the Teacher or Teacher Assistant to board the bus home. Do not ask your child to just go to the 3:00 pm busses without submitting the request.

Absence from School

If a child is absent from school all day, there is no need for parents to contact the Activities Office, their absence will be noted by the classroom teacher on the ASA transition slips in Lower Primary and recorded on the absentee list in Upper Primary.