School Bus Services

We will implement a mandatory bussing policy in place for both morning and afternoon departures from the school. Our aim is always to minimize traffic congestion and not inconvenience the residents who live above the school.

Please ensure that your child / children register for the School Bus from school. The designated area for all students departing by bus is the Lower Primary Carpark. Students will be escorted to this area by Teachers / TAs

Please click here to register for the school bus

Any bus-related queries should be sent to:

Kwoon Chung Motors
Tel: 2979-8798
Fax: 2561-1778

Private Cars - Drop Off (IMPORTANT)

In order to minimize the impact of traffic congestion and increase safety, private cars will only be allowed to drop off students. The designated area for all children being dropped off by car/taxi is the Lower Primary Bus Lay-by.

Please avoid the following as this creates an unsafe environment, mixing pedestrians with cars, and disrupts the flow of traffic:

  1. Exiting your vehicle and escorting your child into the bus lay-by to enter the school.
  2. Dropping off your child/children on the pavement opposite the Lower Primary building and asking them to cross the road to enter the school.
  3. Attempting to make a U-turn in the middle of the road outside the Lower Primary gate.
  4. Parking your car on the road outside the Lower Primary building.


Students who are registered HKIS walkers during the regular school year may elect to arrive and depart school on foot. In addition, if your child / children use public transport to go home, they must be registered as walkers. Students should be collected at the Lower Primary Security Booth at the following times:

12:00pm - AM Session
3:45pm - PM Session

Only those registered on our dismissal list as a walker will be allowed to depart through this exit.

The weather during this time of the year can be rather unpredictable - not only is it much warmer, there are also frequent downpours. We encourage students that live further away, but still within a walking distance, consider taking the bus to avoid repeated changes to their transport / dismissal requests. All dismissal changes will need to be submitted 24 hours in advance, and can be done so, by completing our Change of Regular Transportation / Dismissal

If your child is registered as a walker, they must either depart school on foot, or use public transport. Please do not park your car on an adjacent street and walk with your child to your vehicle. If anyone is found to breach this rule, they will be suspended from walking for the remainder of the session.

MS and HS Students

Any students from Grade 6 and above must register as walkers if they want to be a walker during the Summer Discovery Program. Please email or register here as a walker before the Summer Program commences. Only those MS and HS students registered on our dismissal list as a walker will be allowed to depart through this exit.

Residents at NIT (Faculty & Staff Children)

Residents in the building can be collected from the LP Lift Lobby located on the ground floor of the building. If anyone in our program plans a playdate with one of the residents in the building, they should submit a change of transport / dismissal request. All dismissal changes will need to be submitted 24 hours in advance by completing our Change of Regular Transportation / Dismissal

You will receive an email which will help your child prepare for our program. We look forward to welcoming your child for what promises to be a fun, safe & engaging summer program.

Change of Transportation

If for any reason, your child’s method of dismissal needs to be changed, you must complete our Change of Regular Transportation / Dismissal Form. It is important that you alert us to any changes - such as bus to walker or (or vice-versa) - as the dismissal areas for both options are different, and your child will need to be redirected to the designated area. All dismissal changes will need to be submitted 24 hours in advance.

One Off Changes

Please note that there are no one off bus-to-bus changes allowed during the summer, and non bus riding students are unable to request a one off bus ride to go home with a friend.

Private Car Pick-up

In the event that you have to pick up your child by private car due to special circumstances you will need to notify the Summer Programs Office 24 hours in advance. Pick up location by private car will be just outside the Lower Primary security booth Please note that private car pick up will be at 11:20 for the morning session and 15:10 for the afternoon session.

Please ensure you don't arrive any later than these times.